closed doors, open windows

my worship journey has been pretty tough lately.  i find myself without a home church for the first time in my life and along with that comes the lack of serving and responsibility that i came to expect and love.  it’s tough not serving.  for me at least.  i find myself just itching to play and sing with a worship band again but it’s hard without a church to call your own.  

one of the cool things that has happened to me while job searching and church searching was that i was rejected from a worship internship at a certain church.  that’s cool?  yeah, just keep reading.  so they rejected me after i had turned down an offer for a full-time (non-church related job) in hopes of getting into the internship.  i was heartbroken.  i thought for sure i had done the “faithful” thing in turning down financial security in search for something i was sure God created me to do for Him.  

recently, however, that church contacted me to lead worship for a couple sundays because they were in need of a worship leader for one of their services.  essentially, this is kind of my audition for the internship i thought i had lost the opportunity for.  i’m really looking forward to not only playing with a band again and leading worship, but also for the second chance to be accepted into this internship.  it seems God knew what He was doing the whole time.